Best Under Quilts for Hammock Camping

Choosing an underquilt for your hammock can be a tough decision.

Trust me,

I’ve been there.

There are so many brands out there to choose from. I have done my research and decided to make list all the popular underquilts hammockers use.

First i’m going to give you a list of the brands that are included in this overview. If there are brands you recommend, please let me know in the comments and i will update the lists.


  • Hammock Gear
  • Jacksrbetter
  • ENO
  • OneTigris
  • OutdoorVitals
  • Snugpak
  • Yukon outfitters
  • Go outfitters
  • OGQ outdoor
  • Enlightened Equipment
  • Warbonnet
  • Katabatic
  • Chill gorilla
warbonnet underquilt
warbonnet underquilt

Underquilts are needed to prevent the cold butt syndrome. When you don’t have something under you in chilly weather or windy conditions you are going to feel that your back is getting cold. To prevent this you need to use some sort of insulation. This can be a sleeping pad, a reflective sheet or an underquilt.

There are two kinds of underquits;

  • The full one which stretches the full length of your hammock
  • The 3/4 one which only covers 3/4 of you hammock. Most of the times this is combined with a sit pad at your feet.

Pro’s of underquilts:

  • Packable
  • Lightweight
  • Offers better insulation than any other method

Con’s of underquilts:

  •  Can be expensive depending on the material
  • Only for hammocks

Here is the list of the most popular underquilts on the market. You can sort or search the table depending on your requirements and budget.

The label ‘custom’ is given to items that are configurable, so there is no set price.

NameBrandRating (°F)Fill typeWeight (oz)TypePrice
Incubator 0Hammock gear0850 goose down26.4Long$279
Phoenix 0Hammock gear0850 goose down20.13Short$229
Incubator Econ 0Hammock gear0800 duck down30.15Long$180
Phoenix Econ 0Hammock gear0800 duck down23.55Short$130
Mt Washington 4Jacksrbetter7800 goose down28Long$290
Greylock 4Jacksrbetter7800 goose down22Short$220
Winter nestJacksrbetter7Activ-dri down™29Long$290
Incubator 10Hammock gear10850 goose down24Long$267
Phoenix 10Hammock gear10850 goose down17.43Short$217
Incubator econ 10Hammock gear10800 duck down27.95Long$168
Phoenix econ 10Hammock gear10800 fduck down21.35Short$120
Stormloft 15Outdoor Vitals15800 down23.5Long$215
Incubator 20Hammock gear20850 goose down22Long$249
Phoenix 20Hammock gear20850 goose down15.43Short$199
Incubator Econ 20Hammock gear20800 duck down25.75Long$150
Phoenix Econ 20Hammock gear20800 duck down19.15Short$110
AdventureGo Outfitters20Synthetic47Long$100
Mt Washington 3Jacksrbetter27800 goose down21Long$260
Greylock 3Jacksrbetter27800 goose down17Short$200
The nestJacksrbetter27Activ-dri down™22.5Long$260
Incubator 30Hammock gear30850 goose down18.15Long$237
Phoenix 30Hammock gear30850 goose down13.37Short$177
Incubator Econ 30Hammockgear30800 duck down22.45Long$138
Phoenix Econ 30Hammockgear30800 duck down16.95Short$100
NP winterOneTigris30Synthetic47.6Long$85
Stormloft 30OutdoorVitals30800down20Long$190
BlazeENO35750 Down24Long$300
Incubator 40Hammockgear40850 goose down16.15Long$219
Phoenix 40Hammockgear40850 goose down11.37Short$159
Incubator Econ 40Hammockgear40800 duck down20.25Long$120
Phoenix Econ 40Hammockgear40800 duck down13.5Short$90
Roost 40OutdoorVitals40Synthetic30Long$70
Kindle Yukon Outfitters40Synthetic28.8Long$80
underquilt 40Chill Gorilla40Synthetic46.4Long$60
NP 3-seasonOneTigris50Synthetic26Long$65
Hammock UBSnugpak55Synthetic51Long$80
YetiWarbonnetCustom850 goose downCustomShortCustom
LynxWarbonnetCustom850 goose downCustomCustomCustom
ZeppelinUGQCustom800 to 950 downCustomLongCustom
RevoltEnlightened equipmentCustom850 downCustomCustomCustom
Revolt APEXEnlightened equipmentCustomSyntheticCustomCustomCustom
WookiWarbonnetCustom850 goose downCustomLongCustom

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