Best Lightweight Locking Carabiner

Having the right gear can make a huge difference to how fast you get your hammock erected and how safe it is overnight. One night with half froze fingers struggling to secure my hammock was enough for me to start looking at the best carabiners for hammocks.

It turns out there are hundreds of options available on the market; but not all of them are created equal. To be one of the best carabiners for hammocks it needs to be an autolocking carabiner and it needs to be lightweight.

Perhaps the real question isn’t which is the best lightweight locking carabiner but what makes the best carabiners for hammocks.

What it takes for a carabiner to be good for hammock camping?

There are several key criteria which make a carabiner good for hammock camping. All the best lightweight locking carabiner’s have the following features in common:

  • Leightweight

Every ounce makes a difference after just one day of hiking. Imagine how you’ll feel after 4, 5 or even 30 days! The best carabiners for hammocks need to be as light as possible but they still need to be strong.

That’s why it’s important to choose aluminum carabiners and to check what’s the strength of an aluminum carabiner.

  • Simple

This is one of those times when substance definitely wins over style.


The best carabiners for hammocks will be easy to use and functional. You need to be able to open and close it when wearing gloves if you find yourself hammock camping in the cold.

You may also be tired after a long day; you’ll be grateful for a spring or wire type carabiner clip.

  • Weight Limit

Lightweight doesn’t mean that your carabiner can’t be strong. It needs to be able to take the weight of you and your hammock; as well as the pressure of the elements.

Most carabiners are measured in kilonewtons (kN). There is approximately 225 pounds in one kilonewton. This means a carabiner with a load rating of 10kN can support 2,200 pounds. That’s plenty enough for you, a second person and your gear.

  • Reputation

It is important to choose a brand that you can trust. While there are some cheap options available you need to be sure that the carabiner is capable of the job you want it to do.

After all, if your carabiner fails you’ll be on the floor.

  • Versatile

The best carabiners for hammock camping are versatile. You can use them for more than one purpose throughout the day. This means you may use them to hang your gear off your bag during the day and then to hold your hammock up at night.

Versatile means fewer items to carry!

Item 1: Black Diamond Rocklock – Editor’s Choice

Without doubt the Black Diamond locking carabiner is the best locking carabiner I have tried.

It has a square hinged end and a slightly curved spine with a key lock nose. You can operate it with just one hand which is essential when you’re tired and battling the elements. I know from experience not every hammock camping experience is blue skies and warm sunshine.

The Black Diamond carabiner weight limit is 24kN; that’s impressive for any carabiner and will certainly give you peace of mind when you rest your head. Even with the gate open it has a strength of 7kN; enough to keep you and your gear safe.

The fact that it weighs less than 3 ounces is a bonus.

The Black diamond auto locking carabiner is made of aluminum and the only carabiner I will use when I’m hammock camping; I have complete faith in it.


HangTight Wiregate Carabiner – Leightweight

This is a great option if you’re really in need of lightweight. This is one of the best carabiners for hammock camping as it weighs just ¾ ounce.

It’s not as strong as the Black Diamond but shouldn’t give you any issues as it is weight tested to 17kN.

However, the real reason that it doesn’t steal the show is the wire clip. This is a good system to retain the strength of the carabiner. But I found it a little difficult to operate with one hand. The Black Diamond was certainly much easier.

The HangTight carabiner is just 1.8” long and 2” wide; that makes it pretty easy to clip onto your backpack and still lose! It does have smooth edges to ensure it won’t snag your clothes or your hammock while travelling.

This is important as many of the other carabiners cannot make the same claim to fame.

What is also inspiring is the lifetime warranty against workmanship defects.

It’s a good reserve option.


Serac Ultra Strength Autolocking Carabiner


This is definitely one of the best carabiners for hammocks currently available. It is made from aircraft quality aluminum and rated to 24kN. That’s as good as the Black Diamond and plenty enough for you and your gear.

In fact in many ways the Serac autolocking carabiner looks and feels like the Black Diamond autolocking carabiner. It uses the same smooth gate clip to avoid fraying your gear and is easy to operate when your hands don’t want to work properly.

You can even choose your preferred color as long as it’s red, green or blue.

Interesting even the weight is roughly the same, just less than 2 ounces. There really is little to fault with this auto locking carabiner. It even has the same size gate opening of ¾ inches and consumers how have already bought it profess how excellent it is and how how good the customer service is.


Why The Black Diamond Autolocking Carabiner?

For me it is simply personal preference. These 3 carabiners are 3 of the best carabiners for hammock camping you can find anywhere. Personally I prefer to avoid the bold colors of the Serac autolocking carabiner in favor of the Black Diamond.

I’ve used the Black Diamond carabiner hundreds of times; even when hammock camping on the side of a cliff. I’m not about to change my opinion of which the best carabiner for hammock camping is. Try one yourself and you’ll see why I won’t use anything else.

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