ENO Hammocks FAQ

This article is compiled of questions people ask on forums and in Facebook groups and desperately want an answer.

How much weight can a single eno hold?
Even though there are different types of ENO hammocks, all of them are designed to hold up to 400 pounds which is enough to hold almost everyone.

What is more important when weight is in question is the type of material you use for mounting the hammock on. Lighter and breakable materials might collapse under the weight of a heavier person.

Are there any discounted eno hammocks?
ENO hammocks are sold in many stores but also online. There are many discounts happening daily and if you want to get one on sale you should check our website every day.

This way you’ll keep in touch with the latest news and you’ll always be the first to know if there’s a discount on some products.

How to hang an eno without trees?
Hammocks used to depend on trees because they need to be tied to them in order to be used. However, if you get a hammock stand, this is no longer a problem.

The hammock stand is made to be easy to set up. It comes with all the needed parts and a guide for easy mounting. Just be sure you have all the parts needed to tie the hammock on the stand, things like a suspension system, straps, and other accessories needed for a comfortable camping.

How much weight can an eno doublenest hold?
Pretty much the same as the single nest, the double nest can hold up to 400 pounds.

You might ask why it is the same weight? It’s a good question – it is because the ENO hammocks use the same material that has the same breaking point no matter the size of it.

The difference between the single and the double is the room for one or two persons. The double can fit two persons without any problem, but you will have to know about the weight limit and do the math.

What is the best underquilt for eno doublenest?
There are so many brands you can choose from when it’s about underquilts. We can’t tell you which one is best here, but you can make your own decision after reading this article where we tried to make a good comparison between some of the best brands of underquilts.
Which eno hooks should I use for inside?
Every ENO can be hooked inside if you have the proper equipment. You don’t need anything special, just a few extra tools and an indoor hanging kit on which you’ll mount your hammock.

You’ll need to drill two holes on your wall, place the hanging kit and voila, you have an indoor hammock. When you want to go camping, just take it off the hangers and you’re good to go.

How much does an eno hammock cost?
Depending on the size, the quality, and the type of the hammock, prices vary from around $60 to $100.
Can eno hammocks get wet?
The short answer would be YES. However, even though the ENO hammock won’t get damaged by water, they are not meant to provide you with shelter during a storm.

Rain won’t damage it, but repeated exposure to rain and sun is bad for it. For example, it isn’t wise to let your hammock hanged in the yard during the year no matter the conditions.

It will soon be ruined. On the other hand, there’s no problem for occasional washing in the machine and using it again.

How to sleep in an eno?

Many people wonder if it is comfortable enough to sleep in an ENO hammock. The answer is that it is comfortable, but you need to know how to do it properly. The secret is in getting a good angle.

The hammock should be loosened and the person sleeping in it should place the feet a little on the side and not at the center of the ENO while placing the upper part of the body and head on the opposite side. This way you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a normal bed.

Are there off brand eno hammocks?
Like everything else on the market, there are many off-brand hammocks. Their quality is far from the already checked and tested original. Don’t use them unless you don’t mind the risk of ripping the hammock.
Is there an eno hammock for two people?

Yes there is. This type of ENO hammock is usually called a double nest. It is pretty similar to single nest hammocks, but the difference is that there is more space when it is mounted.

When it’s not used it looks pretty much the same as the single one. However, two people can easily relax in it.

Can I get a white eno hammock?
No, you can’t buy a white ENO Hammock. Hammocks are used for outdoor adventures and there is a lot of dirt, leaves, and dust. The material will soon be painted by nature so manufacturers often choose other colors.
Where is the best place to buy an eno hammock?
Stores with outdoor equipment are good because you can see what they offer, but the internet is the place where you can learn all about some product, make a comparison with others, and make a decision that will be the best for you. That’s why we think Amazon.com is the best place where you can buy a hammock.
Buying an eno hammock rain fly

The rain fly is good choice but what we really think will do the job is a tarp. Just make sure the size of it is big enough for your hammock. You can’t buy a double nest ENO and a small size tarp.

A good choice is the DD Superlight tarp because of its small weight and the dimensions that are outstanding. It’s 9.8 by 9.5 feet and can be setup in various different ways depending on what you need at the moment. It has 19 attachment points that will give you anything from a standard hammock shelter to a wide ground cover from rain.

How to put up an eno hammock?

Putting up an ENO hammock is really easy. First, make sure you have all the parts you need – the actual hammock and the ropes. Tie the straps around the trees you chose as most suitable for your hammock. Then connect the straps to the ends of the hammock. That’s it.

Of course, there are tips and tricks on how to do it better, so if you want to know all about the hammock mounting, read this article.

Do eno hammocks come with straps?

No, ENO hammocks does not come with straps. The best straps that fit ENO hammocks are the Atlas suspension straps that are offered together with the hammocks, but you’ll need to pay extra for them.

Of course, you can always use something else that is also good. Please learn all about hammock straps here.

Can I get an eno hammock bug net?

Sure. The bug net can be very important in areas that are wet and hot. Mosquitoes can be a real trouble so it’s necessary to have this with you.

You can make a bug net by yourself and it will surely work, but if you don’t like getting into this problem, you can always purchase some of the nets available online.

Does eno has a sleeping bag?

Yes, ENO offers a sleeping bag with its hammock models. The sleeping bag can keep you warm on temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit if you combine it with an underquilt.

People that love adventures, hiking in all weather conditions, mountain climbing and spending days in nature, this is another part of the equipment that’s absolutely necessary.

How to use eno straps?

ENO straps are specially made to be as simple as possible and used without too much trouble. They have a webbing and a couple of opening on it that allow you to tie it the way you need it.

At the end of the webbing, there’s another bigger opening. Simply put one end through the openings and tie to the tree or the object you’re using. Then use the hanger to tie the hammock to the strap.

How do I setup an eno profly?

The ENO profly is really simple to be set up. All you need to do is tie the top of the rain fly to the same tree or object as the hammock so it can protect you from the rain, of course. Then secure the four angles. The best way is to stake the pegs into the ground, thus hold the ropes tight.

Also, make sure you find rocks that will help you do a better job with secure the pegs and the rope if the wind becomes a threat to the profly.

Are there colorful eno hammocks?

Yes, ENO hammocks come in all sorts of color combinations and designs. Usually, the ENO hammocks have at least two colored combinations but there are some with even more than 4.

Some standard designs like patriot or navy are part of the offer, and some of the most used colors are blue and its variations, black and grey. Of course, red, green, yellow, purple, orange, and other colors are also available. You just need to know what suits you the best.

How to setup an eno bugnet?

Even though it might seem complex to setup an ENO bugnet it really isn’t very hard to do it. All you need to do is set a ridge line over the hammock and then put the bug net through the hammock.

Once you do it, look for the clips on the net. They are supposed to be placed on the ridge line. This is very easy to do. When you see how the bug net is placed over the hammock, tight it on both ends, get inside the hammock and zip the net.

Do eno hammocks come with warranty?
Yes they do. ENO hammocks all have a 2-year warranty beginning with the day they were bought. However, the warranty means that the company will take care of you only if the sold product has malfunctions that are manufactory made.

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