Everest Double Hammock Review

I once made the mistake of borrowing a double hammock for my partner and I. You won’t be surprised that it wasn’t a good experience and the hammock was only ever used once for the two of us. But, that wasn’t the end of the story.

Our trip was for 7 nights and we were lucky I’d brought the single hammock as well. The result was me in the double as my partner thought it would make her too cold. Truth was, that second night in the double hammock; was the best night’s sleep I’d ever had!

Needless to say it was time to take a look at what double hammocks were available on the market.

There are a lot of them and I tried as many as I could. But there is little doubt in my mind that this hammock from Everest is one of the best; as this Everest double hammock review shows.

Color Choices for the Everest Double Hammock

The Everest Active Gear double hammock is available in a choice of colors. These include the following:

  • Navy / charcoal / net black
  • Charcoal / net black
  • Khaki / woodland / net black
  • Light blue / dark blue / net black

The colors are all dark to help your hammock blend in so it can be used as a tactical hammock. Many people say they use it as their survival hammock because it gives them complete protection from bugs.


The hammock itself is 10 ft long and 6 ft wide. That’s enough space for me to sleep comfortably and for you to try two; if you don’t value your relationship.

This hammock is capable of taking 400 pounds; that should be enough to keep most people comfortable and safe throughout the night. It weighs just 1.9 pounds including the stuff pouch.

Compress it into the pouch and it should be 5” by 6.3” by 9.5”; that’s pretty impressive considering the size of the hammock. It certainly makes it easier to carry!

You’ll be pleased to note the internal pocket and the internal gear hanging loops; I certainly appreciated them.


The Everest Active Gear is made from 210T taffeta parachute diamond weave nylon fabric. It is quick drying and extremely strong.

The YKK zip is double tab; making it easy to close or open wherever you are. You should also appreciate the tripe stitching on the edges; giving it strength.

This material is also breathable; a useful feature on those hot days and nights. Even on cooler nights this will help to prevent you from cooling down to fast.

More Features

It should be noted that this is a complete hammock. Along with the actual hammock you’ll get:

  • Tree saver straps

These are reinforced polyester filament webbing which is 1” wide and 10 ft long. There are triple stitched tack bars every 3 inches and 14 loops on each tree strap.  They are tested to support 400 pounds.

  • Aluminum Carabiners

The carabiners are small and extremely lightweight. They are designed not to snag and are usually sold for $15 by themselves.

  • No See Um Netting

This is actually integrated into the hammock and is guaranteed to protect against even the smallest of bugs; giving you a high quality night’s sleep.

The clever design on this ensured that I had a space to lay inside that felt like a cabin; not a stifling or claustrophobic tangle.

The netting is made from heavy grade polyester with 2100 holes per square inch. It is 31 gm fabric.


There are several excellent reasons why this is the double hammock you should get:

  • Weight

At less than 2 pounds this is hardly going to be noticeable in my back pack. That means I have room for my underquilt and even an overquilt if I think I need it.

There may be lighter products on the market but not with this level of quality.

  • Set-Up

This is very easy to set up. There are detailed instructions which will help you but once you’ve done it once you won’t need to use them again.

Everest have their own 2 person net system which ensures you can have the hammock up and ready to use in less than 5 minutes.

  • Reversible

A great feature is the ability to literally flip the double hammock over. This will allow you to sleep without the bug net; if you wish.

As the bug net is zipped to the hammock it won’t hang down and become a risk to anything or one else.

In fact, if you’re not worried about bugs you can even use the pocket created by the bug net for a sleeping pad. I tried this and was very pleased with the results!

  • Quality & Comfort

I’ve tried a few different hammocks and double hammocks and can honestly say that I’ve not yet fund one as comfortable as this. It could even take two of you and you’d still be comfortable. Of course I’m not going to try that again!


Truth is there is very little that I can fault on the Everest Active Gear Double Hammock.

  • Weight Of Tree Straps

In common with many hammock manufacturers the tree straps are surprisingly heavy. They work effectively but there are better options on the market. It would be nice if Everest included one of the lighter weight options.

  • No Rain Cover

It’s not overly surprising that the rain cover is extra but it would be nice to see it made part of a purchase deal; a discount for having bought the double hammock.

This could potentially make the hammock a very attractive option to almost anyone.

Overall Impressions of the Everest Double Hammock

Even though I have changed my tree straps for lighter ones I would buy the Everest Active Gear double hammock again.

The quality and comfort of this hammock make it the best one I’ve ever tried. No matter how tough the day I always wake up feeling refreshed.

In fact, my partner and I are considering adding two to our bedroom instead of the double bed; that’s how comfortable it is!

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