Best Hammock Pod Systems Reviewed

OutdoorVitals stormloft 0°F

OutdoorVitals stormloft 0°FI don’t have any experience with pod systems because i think they limit the movement in the hammock. Also, if you have a hammock with an integrated bugnet, it’s likely that it’s not going to work. You need a separate bugnet if you want to use pod systems.

NameBrandRating (°F)Fill typeWeight (oz)Price
CocoonOneTigris3090% duck down51.1$133
AerieOutdoor Vitals20800 duck down36.3$180
StormLight 30Outdoor Vitals30Synthetic42.6$100
StormLight 15Outdoor Vitals15Synthetic77$115
Stormloft 15Outdoor Vitals15800 down35.2$245
Stormloft 0Outdoor Vitals0800 down43.6$290
Aerie 30Outdoor Vitals30800 down26.7$150
CocoonSnugpak55Synthetic69 oz$100
AnteroHyke and Byke50800 goose down43.2$170


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