Pros and Cons of Sleeping in a Hammock

Camping truly feeds your spirit from within since you get a strong bond with Mother Nature.

You’ll be out of the comforts of your home so it must be hard to spend a few days out in the woods right?

There are numerous ways to camp but what we’ll be discussing today is all about hammock Camping.

Venturing out to a remote location in the wilderness is not that easy of a task, especially if you plan to go hammock Camping. You have to consider several things before you do so, and you also have to keep your mind and body all set for this journey.

If you don’t know how to setup a hammock, read this article first.

The PROs of Hammock Camping

Light-weight and Portable – A typical hammock camping set-up usually weighs around 2-5 pounds as some of them include several retractable poles to position the tarpaulin to create a roof to protect you from rain or any other falling debris. This gives you more storage, allowing you to bring other essential tools that you need without having a sore back.

Keeps you safe from night crawlers – Camping in a tent could be a more comfortable experience for most campers but for some, hammock camping is the best because it keeps you safe from land dwelling nocturnal creatures such as mice and ants. You could even keep yourself safe from the reach of bears and wolves if need be, although it’s not standard practice.

Keeps you safe from floods– Heavy rain is one of the uncontrollable acts of nature that you should consider when you plan to go camping as it could lead to flash floods. Although it depends on the height of the raging waters that are flowing from the mountain, you are safer in a hammock than in a Tent when caught in this situation. Only if your backpack ans shoes are hung up around a tree.

Gets you more connected with nature – Although all forms of camping is a way of keeping in touch with the earth, nothing is more satisfying than feeling the cool breeze as you watch the sun rise in the morning.

Automatically converts into something to sit on – You could always sit on your hammock whether you have just woken up or you’ve just been back from hiking from a long distance. This eliminates the need for you to bring a chair when you go camping.

A comfortable experience – As we are used to sleeping in beds, resting in a hammock gives out a totally new experience to your body. It makes you feel more relaxed and stress free. As you wake up in the morning, it rejuvenates your body make you feel refreshed. I advise to have a hammock of 10′ or longer to have a comfortable diagonal lay.

Freedom in terms of location – With the easy mechanics of hammock camping, there is more room when it comes to choosing a place to camp. Some individuals even camp in between a small stream so that they could hear the soothing sound of water passing by.

Setting up camp is easier – Aside from being portable, it is easier to set up your hammock compared to a tent. If you are running out of daylight, all you need to do is find two sturdy trees and in just a few moments, you could easily rest in your own small space.

Leaves little to no trace at all – Camping is an adventure and you would not know if you’ll be situated on a location that is perfect for you to camp. So if you are camping in a tent, there is a tendency that you’ll crush the plants that have just sprouted. On the other hand, with hammock camping, you would not have the need to cut down bushes or trim down some plants on the ground, as long as you find two stable trees to tie your straps to.

Camping on a nearby water source – Most rivers and streams have a rocky shore, which makes it hard to set up a tent nearby. With hammock camping, you could easily do this and have access to a steady stream of water, thus eliminating the hassle of walking long distances to find a suitable campspot.

There have been a lot of advantages that were mentioned earlier, however, there are also some disadvantages when it comes to hammock camping. No camping method is perfect, which is why we’ll be tackling the CONs of hammock camping as well.

The CONs of Hammock Camping

Exposure to cold temperatures – Though hammock camping could be an advantage if you are living in tropical countries, the case is different when you are in other regions. When you are camping on high grounds, the temperatures could plummet, which makes hammock camping unsuitable especially when winter is coming. However, spending extra to have an under-quilt on your set up could fight the cold, making it essential in colder seasons.

You could catch a cold especially in the evening – As you are rested on your back and being suspended from the ground, this makes you vulnerable to colds as your back is exposed to the cold breeze. It is highly advisable that you lay out a sleeping bag or foam that would insulate the body heat, much like what camping on a tent does.

Not for stomach sleepers – Sleeping on your stomach is not advised because your back will hurt after a while. I’m a side sleeper and i’m comfortable in a hammock.

Locating the required trees – If a smooth ground surface is what tenting requires you to find, with hammock camping, you need to find two trees that have sufficient strength to carry your weight. If you fail to do so, you need to ‘go to ground’ which means camping on the ground instead of hanging from two trees.

Not suitable for couples – Although there are some hammocks that advertise that their products can hold as much as 500 or even 600 pounds, it is unconventional to have two people in one. So if you are one of the individuals who can’t sleep without his or her partner on their side, then you need to look for other options.

Uncomfortable for some – There are some campers who are eager to try out hammock camping but end up regretting it. Although this was listed earlier as an advantage when it comes to comfort, not all individuals are the same. Some would find it to be uncomfortable being positioned in a somewhat like “bent banana”. There are also some people who feel that they are squeezed inside a hammock. To help with this you need to lay diagonally in a hammock. This mean your head to the left and feet to the right. That way your hammock will flatten. It advise to pick a hammock from 10′ to 11′ in lenght an a width of 60″ like the dream hammock darien.

The Conclusion

Before you plan to go hammock camping, you need to consider several factors such as the location and the weather status on the days to follow. If you hate the feeling of being position on tight spaces, then you should not consider this. However, if you are on a budget and love to experience nature on its finest, then hammock camping would surely be a breathtaking adventure.

You will need an underquilt or a sleeping pad with a hammock, that’s another cost you need to consider.

We all have to get connected with nature and leave out all of the stress that work gives on a daily basis. hammock camping is one way to stay in touch to where we truly belong. It gives you time to reflect and meditate, bringing nostalgic memories as you face the clear blue skies. You should not miss out on the beauty of what nature beholds so grab your backpack and enjoy life to the fullest!

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