What Is A Ridgeline Hammock?

When i tried hammock camping for the first time, I was not really comfortable and quickly discovered what was missing.

Actually, a friend of mine told me to install a ridgeline on my hammock to get a better nights sleep.

I quickly installed a ridgeline and after some testing i got it right.

So, what is a ridgeline hammock?

The ridgeline is a line that attaches from one end of the hammock to the other. In doing so it pulls the ends of your hammock closer together than it would be without one. Now you hammock has the perfect amount of ‘sag’ for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Of course, this leads to a few more questions!

Do hammocks have ridgelines built in?

Most hammocks do not come with ridgelines built into them. This is because they are not necessary when hanging a hammock. After all you could be simply looking to relax in your garden; it’s unlikely you’ll want or need a ridgeline then!

But if you’re going off into the woods, a hammock with a ridgeline is a great combo.

Making a DIY ridgeline

Creating a ridgeline is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is secure each end of your rope to the end of your hammock using  a bowline knot (opens in new tab).

The length of your ridgeline should be 85% of your hammock length. For example; a 10 foot hammock would need a ridgeline of 102 inches.

Hammock Ridgeline Cord

You can use general rope but i would recommend dyneema (opens in new tab), polyester (opens in new tab) or something else that doesn’t stretch. You don’t want to be using paracord because it stretches too much.

However, it is worth considering using cord that is rated as load bearing. The ridgeline will be taking the strain for the hammock; it needs to be able to support your weight and anything else you want to keep on the hammock with you.

If it snaps you won’t tumble to the ground but you won’t be quite so comfortable.

In addition load bearing cord is less likely to snap when you pull it taut; making it the better option if you’re travelling through the wilderness and need some cover to keep you warm.

Adjustable Hammock Ridgeline

If you like to adjust your ridgeline you can opt for a whoopie sling (opens in new tab).

Shug explains it very well in the first video on this page at around 2:40.

Benefits Of The Ridgeline           

The most obvious benefit of your ridgeline hammock is that you can use the ridgeline to help maintain the sag level in your hammock. This will ensure you can relax comfortably every time you use your hammock; regardless of where you are.

This will allow you to achieve a nearly flat position and maximize your comfort level; ensuring you have the best night’s sleep possible.

You can hang your hammock organizer (opens in new tab) on your ridgeline or use it as a drying rack. Just don’t let it drip on your sleeping bag or quilt 😉

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